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Latest Projects

Since the NEW website design, there has not been time to update all the projects. Stay tuned for more on this platform.

3D Joe Biden

Biden Kart

Play against other idiots on the road! Play as BIDEN or TRUMP ! Fully Weaponized, like the COVID CCP VIRUS was! COMING SOON !


3D Joe Biden

Hoverboard Joe

Drive this idiot around town on a hoverboard from the classic movie Back to the Future ! ZOOM ZOOM! Coming soon!


3D Joe Biden

Idiot On Duty

Everything you like about First Person Shooters except REALLY being able to shoot at the Idiot On Duty as Commander in Chief. Coming Sooner...


Future Plans

Plans in the future all depend on if I can make it through another month and have rent money.


Interactive game.

The plan is to essentially connect players together to play my games.


Virtual Reality Games

Many projects already started using AR/VR technology!


Live Streaming

The goal is to make LIVE STREAMING video easier for me and more accessbile to my viewers.

Upcoming Projects

The launch of 3D Joe Biden Kart is on its way !

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Oct, 2021

3D Joe Bide Kart (like Mario Kart)

Oct, 2021



Idiot Of Duty

Coming soon

Latest News

Project and Ideas

Filming a New Clip

October 2021

Making demos FOR the game is a job in itself.

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New Car Physics

November 2021

Simulation is the first thing the DROVE me to making video games. Designing and experiencing the simulation is amazing.

Read More

Virtual Reality Music

December 2021

Making virtual reality APPS for local musicans is now a thing!

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Funny name for such a serious business....as if.

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